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In Praise Of Movie Men: The “Flaming Hot…5 Reasons Why” Tag

Decisions, decisions…

When The Classic Movie Muse included me in the “Flaming Hot…5 Reasons Why” tag, hosted by Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts, I was elated. Not only is this the very first time I’ve ever been tagged in anything (I definitely feel like an official blogger now!), but the timing is perfect. My last few posts have been rather serious, so it’s time for some light, frothy fun. And truthfully, I’m such a hopeless romantic, Valentine’s Day puts me in a dreamy mood for weeks on end – leaving me primed and ready to gush about the topic at hand: my favorite movie men.

Actual footage of my brain on Valentine’s Day. (The effect lasts for weeks.)

Here are:

The rules (which you who are tagged can cut and paste)…

  1. You must add the name of the blog that tagged you AND those of the Thoughts All Sorts and Realweegiemidget Reviews with links to ALL these sites.. and use the natty cat themed picture promoting this post. (*See below.*)
  2. List 5 of your all-time swoon-worthy characters from TV or Film ie crushes/objects of your affection. And also do mention the actor or actress who plays them, as you might like James Bond as played by Timothy Dalton and no one else.. etc etc
  3. Link to 5 other bloggers.
  4. Add lovely pictures, gifs or videos of those you selected.
  5. If you don’t have a blog (or don’t have time to write a post) join in with your choices on Twitter with this #5TheFlamingHot5ReasonsWhy Tag and tag @realweegiemidge and @Thoughtsallsort and the person who tagged you in your tweet.
  6. Oh…and post these rules.

Sounds easy, right? Well…

Floating on a wave of hearts and flowers as I considered my own list and browsed through others, I soon found myself faced with a problem so perplexing, it stopped me in my tracks: where exactly do I go from here?

Should I follow the guidelines set forth by Gill and Cat, and choose my top five favorite characters? Or should I follow in the footsteps of my blogging big sister Ari, and shine a spotlight on Hollywood hotties of a bygone era? OR, should I take a cue from my friend Eva-Joy, The Caffeinated Fangirl, and expand my scope to include more modern contenders – as she did in a recent post featuring a mix of classic and contemporary leading men (especially since most of the guys who really light my fire peaked in the ‘90s)? In fact, Eva herself suggested I write about this very subject after I left a particularly enthusiastic comment on said post that probably equaled one whole page of text all by itself. (I got carried away.)

The stars have been aligning for quite some time it seems. Everything has led up to this moment – yet you see my dilemma. So many gorgeous possibilities. What’s a lovestruck girl to do?

My solution?…We’ll get to that later. For now, I’ll just say I’m playing by the original rules at the moment: highlighting my five favorite fictional fellas, who coincidentally – but not surprisingly – all happen to come from the world of classic film. (So, if hot guys aren’t really your thing, maybe you’ll at least discover some fun movies that are new to you – all of which have merit beyond their men.)

First, some notes…

• Yes, this is a Valentine’s Day-ish tag, and we are now squarely into March. Well, I was still talking about It’s a Wonderful Life in February, so you know I’m not bound by the calendar. (I generally run late as a rule, anyway. It’s just how I roll.) Plus, Gill and Cat declared this a tag “for Valentine’s Day and beyond.” So, with this post, we are officially taking it into “beyond.” Appreciating hotness is always in season.

• I realize physical appearance should be a factor in my choices. I understand the assignment. But even though the guys on my list are undeniably handsome, I gotta tell ya – I prefer sweet to spicy. Be prepared to sigh and swoon more than pant and fan (though you may get swept up in some good, old-fashioned romance along the way).

• I rewatched each of the movies in which my five guys are featured, so the full glory of their hotness would be fresh in my mind. (It was the most enjoyable research I’ve ever done.) *Click on each film’s title to see its IMDb page.*

• My choices are ranked from #5 – #1, (because there is indeed a special someone who holds the deepest place in my heart).

• Each character’s section will include: a short set-up about their movie, my five reasons (“why do I love thee? let me count the ways…”) – and of course, images, gifs, and videos made for admiring. I wonder if, after you get to know my picks, you’ll love them, too?

Now, it’s time to dive in and discuss some delectable men. Are you ready? Here we go!…

Let’s kick things off with my very first classic movie crush:

5. Clarence Doolittle (Frank Sinatra – Anchors Aweigh, 1945)

In this Best Picture Oscar nominee, pals Clarence and Joe (Gene Kelly), sailors on leave in Hollywood, become unwittingly entangled in the misadventure of a precocious little boy named Donald (Dean Stockwell). Both fall hard for Donald’s aunt, hopeful singer Susie (Kathryn Grayson), until bashful Clarence finds he’s much more comfortable talking to a waitress from his hometown of Brooklyn (Pamela Britton).

Gene Kelly does all kinds of amazing things amazingly well, including dancing with Jerry the cartoon mouse (of Tom & Jerry fame), but Frank’s Clarence always steals the show for me – and takes my heart along with it. Somewhat sadly, I find I’m slowly outgrowing Clarence’s wide-eyed naïveté – but my girlish heart still thrills at the sight of him, because I love…

• What’s on the outside!: Young Frank Sinatra is the prettiest man in all of classic movies. That SMILE, those CHEEKBONES, the way his olive complexion compliments his BEAUTIFUL blue eyes…As my blogging buddy Lee often exclaimed in her own delightful entry to this series, “I mean, for goodness sake, just look at the man!”

What’s on the inside!: Clarence’s heart is even sweeter than his pretty, pretty face. He’s such a sensitive, tender soul.

His talent!: That VOICE. And a less-acclaimed but equally-impressive skill – his DANCING. When compared side-by-side with Gene, it’s clear Frank’s movements aren’t as precise – but there’s more ease in them, as if he’s walking on air. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but his easy, floaty style seems like a natural extension of Clarence’s gentle personality.

*Time out for one more gif, because he’s just SO pretty!*…

• So many little moments!: “You saved my life and you OWE me something.”, the disappointed way he reminds Joe he told him something “in the strictest of confidence”, his invested “conversation” with a sailor hat, when he’s so ecstatic after chatting with “Brooklyn”, he can’t help but click his heels – and the list goes on and on.

Frank’s acting!: When I first discovered Clarence years ago, before fully grasping the concept of separating actors from their characters, I was convinced that Frank himself was as tender and gentle as Clarence. But as I learned more about him, I realized that even young, pretty Frank Sinatra was a confident, scrappy “cock of the walk” – not wide-eyed and naïve like his movie counterpart. Frank always knew he was hot stuff; Clarence didn’t. (I think I like Clarence better.)

Though the man of my juvenile dreams may not have been all I’d imagined, I can now appreciate him for what he indisputably was: a truly gifted actor who delivered one heck of a performance. Seriously. Frank’s characterization of Clarence is so complete and real, they both deserve more attention.

Watch this and tell me – are you in love with him now, too???

“I fall in love too easily…”


4. Jeffrey Moss (Dean Martin – Bells Are Ringing, 1960)

What a picture: An exquisite gentleman on an exquisite couch…

Adapted from the hit Broadway musical of the same name, Bells Are Ringing stars Judy Holliday (reprising her Tony Award-winning role) as Ella Peterson – a kooky but caring answering service operator who goes above and beyond to help her customers, adopting a variety of zany voices, disguises, and fake names to skirt around the cardinal rule of not getting personally involved. She in love with “Plaza-0-double-4-double-3”, also known as Jeffery Moss (Dean Martin) – an anxious writer hiding behind a lazy, cynical playboy persona, scared to go solo after splitting from his partner. He knows Ella as a little old lady he calls “Mom” and as the mysterious stranger, Melisande Scott. Will he ever learn the truth?

You may already know I love me some Dean Martin – so much so, it was difficult to choose just one of his characters for this list. But, as far as romantic appeal and goes, I think I’ve landed on the ultimate. Although Jeffrey would have to lose the cigs and booze for me to really take him seriously, I must admit, he still makes me weak in the knees, because I love…

LOOK at that SMILE.

His expressive face!: This guy is sharp, playful, and he doesn’t miss a trick. As with any character brought to life by Dean Martin, Jeffrey reacts to absolutely everyone and everything around him – and each subtle, in-the-moment reaction sparkles in his eyes and dances across his animated face. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Every Dean Martin movie should be watched at least twice – once to appreciate the film as a whole, then again to focus solely on Dean – and Bells Are Ringing is no exception. There is a wealth of treasure to be found simply in training your eyes on him. He’s a show all his own that enriches the movie ten fold.

His musicality!: If I could insert myself into one scene from classic cinema, I would take Judy Holliday’s place for the song “Better Than a Dream”. I want to wear Ella’s petal pink dress and sing counterpoint with Dean (and sit on that fabulous blue couch!). I want to see Jeff/Dean’s shoulders do that perfectly in-rhythm jumpy thing when he’s fake-typing that sends tingles down my spine. There’s nothing hotter than a singer who can handle whatever music’s thrown at him, and through Jeffrey, Dean showcases the scope of his talent effortlessly.

So, SO many little moments!: When his voice cracks a couple times in one scene for no apparent reason (I hate the thought of him possibly fighting a sore throat, but it’s the cutest sound I’ve ever heard!), when he says “Ah, it was nothing” oh so softly and his Italian-ness slips out, when he straightens his tie before their “vaudeville” routine, his hilariously-delivered “Good evening, Dennis” (an LOL moment for me that never gets old!), when he smiles at Ella with so much warmth and affection after his little line about “Whistler’s Mother” he looks as though he may burst with love – and on, and on, and on…


How he chooses Mel!: When he and Ella (as Melisandre Scott, whom Jeff calls “Mel”) walk into a surprise party thrown in his honor, they’re confronted head on with his fast and loose past. Now back on top, the toast of the high society professional set and fancy former flings, one wonders if Jeffrey will forget about Ella amidst all the glitz, glamor, and adoration. Despite his best efforts, the chaotic crowd eventually separates them (giving Judy the chance to perform a flashy showstopper with lots of extras). But when they’re in each other’s eyeline once again, he catches her attention and sends a handwritten note by way of a waiter. It reads: “I’ve been admiring you from across the room, Miss Scott. Will you marry me? – Jeff” Ahhh…Just thinking about it makes me sigh!

Surrounded by willing temptation, Jeffrey can have any woman he wants, for as much or as little time as he wants – but he chooses to commit to “Mel”/Ella. It’s a win for quirky girls everywhere.

This line – “I had a long trip all the way from Brooklyn Heights to work on it.”…Well, really, this entire scene!: When trying to make a quick getaway early in their relationship, Ella (as “Mel”) offhandedly lies that she lives in Brooklyn Heights. So when she later disappears, Jeffrey goes all the way to Brooklyn Heights to find her. (I love a man who listens, remembers, and will put in the miles!) When he finally tracks her down, she assumes he’ll be angry, but he’s big enough to see past the inconvenience to the heart of the matter and responds with understanding. (Dean has a comforting way about him regardless, but he practically radiates gentleness here – and it’s a wonder to behold. I sigh so much in the span of a few short minutes, I’m surprised I don’t get dizzy and actually swoon!)

*For even more reasons why I love Dean Martin, be sure to check out my Dean deep dive.*

Watch this and tell me – are you in love with him now, too???

“Your love made it well worth waiting…For someone like you…”


3. Dr. Larry Quinada (James Mason – Caught, 1949)

This stunner of a forgotten gem is James Mason’s American film debut – a melo-noir (if that’s not a thing, I’m coining it) starring Barbara Bel Geddes as Leonora (originally Maude – but she changed it) Ames, an ambitious young woman who longs for wealth. She soon finds herself caught between dangerous Long Island millionaire Smith Olhrig (Robert Ryan) – a character study in full-blown narcissism, and Dr. Larry Quinada (James Mason) – a principled pediatrician in a poor neighborhood on the East Side. When a personal matter complicates her life even further, who will she choose?

PS – It’s slightly less straightforward than it sounds. But even if you can see the end coming from a mile away, it’s still a very enjoyable journey – thanks to the lush direction (all hail Max Ophuls, king of elaborate tracking shots!) and captivating performances.

Dr. Larry is virtually perfect – good and good-looking – but his high ideals occasionally give way to righteous indignation. (Blame his impassioned mini-speeches on the script, not James Mason – who totally sells it.) Just like Jeffrey would have to clean up his act before I’d fall into his arms completely, Quinada (as he’s often called) would need to chill out. Still, I can stand a little preachiness, because I love…

Check out that jawline!

His accent!: I’ll listen to him talk about anything, really. (Go ahead and preach to me, baby!) Once, guilty over hurting Leonora’s feelings in a flare over principle, he huffs, “She’s a stupid gehl!” (girl). Later, after they’ve reconciled, he privately jokes with her about a patient’s awful “cehls” (curls)…It loses something in transition to text, but I swear, it’s darling!

His vulnerability!: Larry’s another one to watch closely, so you can catch all the tiny touches of unsure, endearing charm that give him such depth. I can’t tell for certain what’s scripted and what’s James Mason just being himself, but it all works like magic to make Larry a full, fascinating, and downright adorkable character. Every shy fumble of his words or his hands, every self-deprecating statement reveals that he’s not naturally bold, he’s just brave enough to say and do what’s right. (That’s hot.) The softer he speaks, the more vulnerable he is. And when he whispers, you’re hearing his heart.

His perceptiveness!: Larry is whip-smart and intensely observant. Nothing gets past him. His discerning eyes see all, know all, and can peer into your very soul (the hallmark of a James Mason performance). But Larry looks only with love and compassion – and when he pinpoints a need, he’ll do anything he can to help.

The best example of this marks the beginning of my favorite portion of the film. When Larry notices Leonora has only a flimsy jacket that’s nothing more than a plastic poncho rather than something that will actually keep her warm, he buys her a coat. He buys her a coat. “It’s not mink, but it will keep you warm. That’s the main thing.” He tries to talk it down a little, but you can tell just by looking at him that he’s so pleased to give it to her and desperately hopes she likes it. (My heart flutters.)

His LAUGH!: That same night, on their first date, they go to an unbelievably packed dance hall. (Shockingly crowded, in today’s time of social distancing.) After an adorably awkward time trying to decide if they should get out on the floor, they finally “dahnce” (as Larry says). It’s charming to watch Lee and Larry try to move (and Barbara and James try to say their lines) as they’re being bumped, pushed, and jostled by the throng of people crammed in around them. Finally, James/Larry can take it no longer. He lets out a laugh that lights up his whole face, and says “Oops”. He says “Oops”. (My heart swells.)

They’re luminous.

How he’s there for Lee when she needs him most!: After Leonora suffers a trauma, Larry rushes to her side. And even though she’s too whacked out to really hear him, he holds her close and promises, “I’m with you. You’re going to be safe. Nothing’s going to happen to you.” (My heart explodes, and I die.)

This right here kills me.

Watch this and tell me – are you in love with him now, too???

“I’ll propose again tomorrow.”

(Want to see more?)


2. Gil Young (James Stewart – Ziegfeld Girl, 1941)

This dude knows how to wear a hat!
He looks swell.

It’s no secret that I much prefer James Stewart’s post-war work to his pre-war, with one notable exception: Ziegfeld Girl – a splashy MGM melo-musical (if that’s not a thing either, I’m coining it, too!) about three young women who are thrown headfirst into the lavish world of the Ziegfeld Follies. (Actually, it’s more like a soap opera with music, which is disguised as diegetic, Follies-related performance numbers.) Sandra, Sheila, and Susan (Hedy Lamarr, Lana Turner, and Judy Garland, respectively) start at the same point, but follow very different paths: one leads to stardom, one to a happy marriage, and one to tragedy. Each girl has family in her corner – but Shiela’s pretty much fiancé, working-class truck driver Gil (James Stewart), doesn’t like how quickly her head is turned by the prospects of fame and fortune.

I’m honestly surprised that Gil ranks so high on my list. He has that characteristic “old curmudgeon in a young man’s body” quality that James Stewart basically patented, which I don’t find attractive at all. In fact, Gil is so gruff, he inspires one woman to dryly observe, “If that guy’s a gent, I’ll never get a seat on the subway.” An attitude that brusk usually shuts down my interest altogether. Even his looks don’t do much for me on their own (though he does have penetrating blue eyes). But there’s an important factor at work in his favor, one I appreciate more and more as I get older, that propels him almost to the very top of my list: chemistry. This is the most chemistry-filled performance I’ve ever seen in my life!

These two crackle.

Ziegfeld Girl is by no means a perfect movie. It’s actually a speeding train that crashes spectacularly after becoming marred in syrupy, poorly-edited goo (which, in its final burst of glory, includes choppy cuts, Judy Garland in an out-of-nowhere blonde wig, and recycled footage from another film). This wreck of an ending is such a bizarre mess, it usually makes me forget how much fun the ride is until the next time I happen to rewatch. However, it is irresistible in spite of its flaws – and Gil & Sheila, together as a unit, are a major reason why. I’ll gladly overlook Gil’s grumpiness, because I love…

His nickname for Sheila!: He calls her Red. I love that. When a guy gives his girl a nickname, it implies personalized attention and a shared history (which Gil & Sheila certainly have, often fondly reminiscing about a memorable date to Coney Island, where they shared their first kiss). But it’s not just what he calls her, it’s how he does it. When Gil says “Red”, it’s charged with electricity. Simply speaking her name sets off sparks within him. *sigh*…He loves her so much.

His snappy sarcasm!: One of Ziegfeld Girl’s greatest features is its zingy dialogue, and the exchanges between Gil & Sheila are among its zingiest. Their constant banter is like an unspoken compliment between them: a mutual acknowledgment of, and respect for, each other’s intelligence. Gil’s lightning-fast timing and wry way with words are exciting (I’d like to take a crack at matching wits with him!), but he falls short when it comes to stating his feelings quip-free. Still, if you listen closely, you’ll hear deep sentiment hidden within his pithy one-liners, like: “A diamond don’t have to be in no Tiffany settin’ before I can see it.” Translation?: “I knew your true value before you became a bedazzled showgirl, and I love you so much.”

His kissin’!: Jimmy was already developing the “kiss her all over” technique he used to such combustable effect in It’s a Wonderful Life. But here, he adds a sort of dramatic swoop: sweeping Lana up in his arms as they melt into each other – full on, all in, holding nothing back. Their body language alone indicates the strength of the force that binds them together, which no disagreement, pain, or distance can sever. They gravitate toward each other like magnets – and no matter how angry or hurt Gil gets (and he does get very badly hurt, poor guy), he can’t stay away long, because the pull is too strong and he loves her so much.

This dude also knows how to kiss!
We join them in progress here – the “swoop ‘n sweep” isn’t included (she’s already been swept) – but it’s still HOT…He always takes Sheila’s breath away – and mine, too!

• His reaction to her voice!: The lovers do separate at one point. Time moves on as they drift apart, only to literally pass each other at a party. She’s walking down some stairs (that’s her speciality) and spots him right away; he’s deep in conversation with his new associates (gangsters) and isn’t aware of her presence at all. Stunned, she nearly lets him get out the door before finally calling his name. The instant she speaks, he stops – his world stops – and all he can do is turn around, face her, resist the pull as much as he can, and say, “Hello, Red.” And I squeal like a teenager because he. loves. her. so. much!

How he feeds her soup!: Later, Sheila is…sick? weak? dying? (who can say?), so guess who comes to see her as soon as he’s called – but not before sending an extravagant bouquet of roses first, anonymously, of course (though he accidentally gives himself away by wrapping them in butcher paper). He tries to keep things light (with Jimmy Stewart putting on that “assumed cheerful manner” he does so well), and when he’s told she won’t eat, he takes her bowl of soup and spoon-feeds it to her. He feeds her soup – and it’s the most intimate moment in all of existence. His casual act disintegrates under the heat, and as soon as he gives it up and settles in, their force reignites with a simple “Hello, Red.” (I squeal again.)

As he sits with her, he grows soft and quiet and so gosh darn sweet while they fantasize about raising ducks and grandkids (“little, yellow, fuzzy ones”). When she experiences physical distress, he straight-up panics for a split second, then firmly announces he’s taking over when she refuses to rest. And it’s precious, because what he means is, “I’m worried about you, but I don’t know what to say or do, and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Watch this and tell me – are you in love with him now, too???

“Hello, Red.”
*Note*: Yet again, this is not a full demonstration of Gil’s power. It may not seem like the world’s greatest kiss, but he’s actually trying NOT to kiss her – and it’s STILL this hot!


And without further ado…

1. Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty – Heaven Can Wait, 1978)

Warren is a dashing guy and a human Ken doll (dress him in anything, and he looks FANTASTIC) – but neither of those reasons made it into my five!…

After a heavenly mix-up, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Joe Pendleton is left looking for a suitable substitute body so he can live his long-held dream of playing in the Super Bowl. Aided in his search by middle-management angel Mr. Jordan (played by my man, James Mason – who, once again, sees all, knows all, and can peer into your very soul), he comes upon formerly-eccentric, recently-murdered millionaire Leo Farnsworth, and agrees to step into his decidedly not big-game ready shoes temporarily in order to help British schoolteacher Betty Logan (Julie Christie), with whom he feels a connection – much to the bewilderment of Farnsworth’s killers: his unfaithful wife (Dyan Cannon) and executive secretary (Charles Grodin), in this remake / update / spiritual successor to 1941’s Here Comes Mr. Jordan.

I have no disclaimers here. There’s nothing or no one I would change in any way. This is my all-time favorite romantic comedy (it’s a fanciful, clever, heartwarming shot in the arm I could watch on repeat) – and I’d take Joe just as he is, if he’d have me. I could learn to follow football, and drink liver & whey shakes, and listen to his repetitive, gosh awful tenor saxophone playing, because I love…

Him!!!: Combine what’s best about the other men on my list (minus the musical talent, unfortunately), and you have Joe. He’s gentle, warm, compassionate, and he can generate sparks with the girl he loves. But there are even finer qualities at play that are unique to him. He’s exceptionally, unfailingly kind and considerate – always saying hello, always saying thank you, always accepting people, never excluding. (His best friend is his trainer, played Jack Warden, who is years his senior. Theirs is the sweetest buddy-ship there ever was.) And he’s so genuine – free of hang-ups or reservations. It’s like he’s fully himself all the time – a rare and remarkable feat. Put simply, he’s the epitome of a good guy. In all the ways that matter most, Joe Pendleton is the whole package.

His outlook!: Although he is wholeheartedly committed to a goal he knows he may never reach (making it to the Super Bowl), he’s also content in the moment – enjoying where he is and what he has. He experiences frustrations, but never totally betrays the kindness at his core in the process. He rebounds from setbacks (including this near-death debacle that upends life as he knows it) – adjusting, adapting, and moving forward, while still seeing the best others and staying optimistic about the future. You get the sense that nothing could keep this guy down for long.

How funny he is!: Most of the movie’s charm lies in its whimsical humor (which is right up my alley). Because Joe rolls with the punches so easily, he’s both the ideal straight man to all the craziness in his orbit and an innocent catalyst of it. He’s the center of the shenanigans, and he always keeps me laughing.

All the eye contact!: Eyes are very important in this film (they are the windows to the soul, after all), and Joe & Betty share some key swoon-worthy moments that involve intent gazing: studying (her), staring (him), and my personal favorite: watching each other from separate corners during a busy garden party. Smitten, but not yet an item, they’re engaged in their own conversations – until she catches his eye and he can’t look away. She feels the attention, zones in on him, and they connect. Taken aback, they begin a nervous dance of trying not to be too obvious – staying halfway involved in what they were doing, while still exchanging glances. Increasingly drawn to one another, they eventually break away from the group to enjoy some privacy.

When a heightened connection like that occurs in real life, it’s nothing short of magical. And to watch such magic recreated so beautifully here leaves me breathless.

How he says the world’s best movie line!: “It’s alright. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” When Joe reassures Betty with these words, it’s suddenly clear why he’s so open to people and to life. He’s not afraid. I think that’s what I want most in a partner: someone who’s unafraid – who will hold me in their arms (or take me by the hand), say something like this, and mean it as deeply as Joe does. When he earnestly whispers this line to Betty as she’s leaving the party, it’s not an empty platitude meant to appease, it’s a vow of devotion from the depths of his soul – a promise that he’ll be by her side in some way no matter what, doing everything in his power to make his words come true for her.


It’s a moment that calms something inside me. When he says it the first time, I breathe easier. Then, when it comes around again – in the best callback of all time! – my breath catches. (If you know, you know…And if you don’t know, treat yourself to this movie ASAP!)

Watch this, and tell me – are you in love with him now, too???

“Somebody oughta help her.”
“You can help her, Joe. You can be Fransworth.”

Another essential element of this film is the glorious music that backs up the romance. Talk about sighing and swooning! Just hearing it stirs that wave of hearts and flowers within me and sends me floating. Take a listen…

(Want to see more?)


Finally, I pass the torch to five more blogging friends. So…”tag – you’re it!” to my fellow movie(-related) bloggers:

• Eva-Joy, of The Caffeinated Fangirl

• Emily, of The Flapper Dame

• Sally, of 18 Cinema Lane

• Eric, of Diary of a Movie Maniac

• Eli, of Entertainment Junkie

• …and anyone else who’d like to join!

I’d love to know: Who are your Top 5? Let’s keep the gushing going!

Well, that’s it for this tag – but the fun’s just beginning! The solution I mentioned earlier?…Coming Soon: a bonus post – celebrating my top five favorite flaming hot classic and modern leading men! Stay tuned!

*Update*: I really delivered on that promise, if I do say so myself. Check out the bonus post here. Enjoy!

Now I want to hear from you: Did you fall for any of my picks and/or add some of these films to your watchlist? Which one (of these men or movies) do you like most? Who’s a favorite of yours I left out? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

*Also*…There’s a commonality between the lovely ladies whose pictures I used. Know what it is? Take a guess in the comments!

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    Which is massively impressive, considering I have only seen ‘Anchors Aweigh’ and ‘Ziegfeld Girl.’
    You better believe I have immediately added those other 3 to my ‘go away world, I need to watch these yesterday’ list!

    This was such a warm, funny, engaging and yummy post Jillian ❤️ Love, love, Loved it!

    100% with you on Frank in ‘Anchors’ ☺️ Flipping adorable.

    Although a little off on his timing, I agree that his ‘floaty’ dancing ability was pretty darn impressive and he really should be more admired for it. There are a number of times there, where I think he is literally about to float away 😂 Maybe my love of Looney Tunes is to blame… I remember sitting there thinking that all it would take would be a slight gust of wind and his slender frame would drift away.

    Whilst his technique obviously wasn’t on par, he should most certainly get major credit for keeping up as well as he did with Gene! The mountains of practice they must have had to put their poor feet through 😅 doesn’t bear thinking about does it? Mine are twinging and forming empathy blisters at the mere thought of it 😂

    Ugh 🥰 “I Fall In Love Too Easily” is just so beautiful.

    Jimmy ❤️! I was so close to putting him on my list! However, as you may have noticed, I went down the….shallow, chiefly physical, ‘ovaries on fire’ route for my post 😋 and like yourself, Jimmy does tend to fall into the sweet, rather than the spicy column for me too.

    Although good grief are you 🎯 spot on with that kissing technique of his! Laden with spice! I’ll have what she’s having 🙋‍♀️! With sprinkles on top 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️!!

    It’s been an age since I’ve seen ‘Ziegfeld Girl’ but I do remember Jimmy and Lana’s scenes and chemistry capturing my attention the most. Although I am slightly biased when it comes to that man 😊 and my word are you right when you stated that he is a man that can wear a hat! Never cuter/sexier than when he’s working a hat. Fedora, cowboy, baseball, etc… here for them all 🙌💕

    Oh my goodness am I keen to discover and learn more about these other films and handsome characters you have mentioned!

    I adore Dean Martin (who doesn’t?) but I must shamefully admit that I have only seen a handful of his films.
    This is mainly due to the fact that I suffer from a chronic condition known as ‘Rio Bravo syndrome’ – which always flares up when I’m in the mood for Deano and therefore I rarely get around to watching his other films.
    I could easily listen to ‘My Rifle, My Pony and Me’ on repeat for the rest of my days 💝

    James Mason. That’s it. That’s all that needs to be said 💗
    What a voice, what an actor, what a dreamboat. I need to see this one right now.

    However, you’ve got me so intrigued and excited for ‘Heaven Can Wait.’ Especially as Mr. Beatty has secured your number one position!
    No idea why I have not yet seen this one. Extra perplexed, as I know it is one of my Mum’s faves 😅 and she owns it! There is literally no excuse Lee!
    Clearly I am out of the loop, or under some kind of rock 🤷‍♀️ Either way, I’ll set up a movie night with Mum immediately to rectify this 😁🍿 Can’t wait to fangirl with you (and Mum) as I already know, from your wonderful gushing, that I will undoubtedly love it and him 💝

    Already looking forward to your hot classic and modern leading men picks 🥳💕 Totally down for stretching those Valentine’s vibes for as long as humanly possible! Long live the heart flutters and warm fuzzies 💗!

    Superb post as always Jillian 💝 Gorgeously written and had me smiling from ear to ear throughout. Excuse me whilst I sneak in another cheeky reread before bed ☺️ xox

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    1. ☺️ Awww…I’m so glad you enjoyed it! ❤️ I love your comment just as much. 🥰

      I’ll continue your pattern and keep it organized by guy here. 🤓…

      • Frank: Maybe it’s hard to float and stay right on the beat – especially while you’re trying not to drift away. 😉 He also looks at his feet and to Gene more, and sometimes I swear I see a “What am I doing???” expression on his face. ☺️ But I’m like, “Is that Frank? Or is that Frank being Clarence?” I honestly don’t know. It just works. 🥰

      • Jimmy: I never thought I’d ever put him on a list of hot guys (and so close to the top!), but the kissin’ and the chemistry got to me. 🙌🏻☺️ “I’ll have what she’s having!” 😆 Yep. Exactly. Me, too! 🙋🏻‍♀️😉

      Dean: Ok. 🙈 I feel like this might sound “self promotion”-y, and that’s not my intention. It’s really just to keep me from going into detailed gushing over Dean (which a part of me is itching to do anyway ☺️): I wrote a post all about my “summer love affair” of discovering Dean and his movies and falling for him. It’s called “Dean Martin: A Man of Hidden Depth”.

      Maybe it’ll introduce you to more of his films, too. 🙂 I wrote it because I discovered a tiny period in his career where he really put himself into his movies and gave some incredible performances. 🤩 The post covers each of them, plus some extra stuff. Of those performances, Dude is far and away the best – so I totally understand your “Rio Bravo syndrome”. ☺️ (I’m not much for Westerns, but when I finally tried Rio Bravo, I was like, “Where has this guy been all my life???” 😃 – and I’ve watched it several times since.) But there are a handful of movies from around that same time where he delivers that same “deep” Dean-ness 🌟, which may prove to be at least a partial cure. 😉 And after I watched them all, I even began to appreciate his work in flimsier films (I guess because I watch him so closely now 🧐☺️).

      “My Rifle, My Pony, and Me” – ah, yes…🥰 What I love most about it is how well he and Ricky Nelson mesh. They shouldn’t, but they totally do – and I think a large part of why is because Dean really could make magic with anybody.✨ When he lets Ricky “take the reins”, so to speak, and starts whistlin’…I just love it! I need to stop now. 😉

      • James: Caught is on YouTube – in perfect condition. 😁 You’re welcome. 😉 (It’s also linked in the post, if that helps. I wasn’t sure how obvious I should be about it.)

      • Warren: Awww…I love that I’ve inspired a mother-daughter movie night! 🥰 (It sounds like your mom has excellent taste. ☺️) But if you can’t wait, I just realized today that it’s on Hulu! 😃 Or, you can watch it the way I have up ‘til now, on YouTube. It’s in a playlist (so, chopped up in little pieces), but the quality is perfect, and the playlist will play straight through with no ads. The only (very minor) issue is that the screen goes black for a split second between videos, and if I’m into the movie, it startles me. 😄 So, you’ve got multiple watch options for this one. 🙂

      *Of course, if you watch any of them, you’ll absolutely have to tell me what you think, please. 🙏🏻😁*

      • The next post: Thanks! 😊 The guys I’m most excited about physically will be in this follow-up. There are several sweet picks as well because that’s just where my heart goes – but the temperature will rise a little bit, too. 😉 (I’ll have to get creative with a few of them to come up with reasons other than “Um…He’s HOT.” ☺️)

      This one sort of evolved from “flaming hot” to “romantic escapism”, because I just can’t separate characters from their stories. But then I began to like the idea of creating something someone could come back to when they need a swoon or a sigh (including me). 💖 And, if you do happen to revisit, you might notice I’ve made some teeny tiny tweaks/improvements. 🙈 (I can’t help it. I’m starting to think it’s a sickness…Re-editing disease. 😉 Although, it hasn’t been 48 hours yet and I really think I’m done, so that is an improvement. ☺️)

      As always, your comment was delightful and encouraging, as is “chatting” with you…When you left your last comment, it was before going to bed – and I’m doing the same now. So, this has been like a virtual, old-school slumber party 😊 (the kind you have as a kid – dishing and giggling about boys with friends before you fall asleep ☺️). This chat has been a “blast from the past” kind of fun! 💝

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    2. God, I used to LOVE those slumber parties 🥳!
      Sadly my core group of friends throughout school weren’t really into old Hollywood – hardcore teenyboppers 😂 we’re talking Hanson, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc… dear oh dear 🙈 great fun though! (There was me with The Monkees, Beach Boys, Beatles, etc. on heavy rotation in my head at the time lol)

      Please tell me your slumber parties were a darn sight cooler than mine 🤞😂!

      I guess the closest thing we have to a modern day equivalent, would be something like the TCM Film Festival. Getting to meet up and geek out must be such a blast 💝! I really do need to get my butt back to the States one of these days! #bucketlist

      Ah!! Thank you for the head’s up in regards to those films being on YouTube. By far the easiest place for me to get my eyes on them asap, for sure. My Mum is currently on an interstate ‘old fart bus trip’ – her words, not mine 😂 However, I know she’ll be up for that movie night when she gets back. Not sure I’ll be able to hold out that long, but I’ll try!

      I was holding off on reading your Deano post until I had a few more of his films under my belt, as I’m not sure I’ll have much to say in relation to your observations yet 😅 However, I think I might soak in your words first, as I know you’ll get me even more enthused to check them out 😉

      Still buzzing about your upcoming salutes to some very fine men! FYI, I am totally fine with the statement ‘because he’s SO HOT’ being used to justify each and every one of your selections. However, as noted, I can be rather shallow 😂☺️

      Feel better soon lovely ✨💐 xox

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    3. Actually, our childhood slumber parties sound quite similar! 😃 Definitely the same generation AND the same teenybopper-obsessed friends. ☺️ I didn’t get it either…I don’t go gaga very easily anyway – and certainly not over boy-banders! 😄 I’d pretend just to fit in, but I don’t think I’ve had feelings of any kind for any member of a boy-band in my life! 🙈 I mean, unless you count total ambivalence. 😆 So, I am right there with you sister! 🙌🏻 We just have more sophisticated tastes. 😊 (And hey, I’m still all about The Beach Boys! ☺️)

      The only true tween/teenage hormone-level crushes I’ve ever had on anyone remotely popular was my undying love/obsession for Titanic-era Leonardo DiCaprio (the image of him waiting by the staircase in that tux is still crystal clear in my mind and thrills me to this day! 😍) and…someone I’ll include in my next post. 😉

      I hope your mom has fun adventures on her bus trip! 😊

      As for my post about Deano (I love how you call him Deano ☺️), it’s really more about my impressions of HIM, and trying to figure out who he was as an actor (what gave him that spark) and as a person (looking at his career trajectory and life apart from the roles he played), than anything too specific about his films…I’m trying to put myself in your place and think if I’d get more out of it before or after watching him, and I honestly can’t decide. 🤔 I could see it making a good primer (and I include video clips from his films and TV show to accompany my thoughts), but you may want to make up your own mind free of influence first. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (Though, selfishly, I’d love for you to read it. 🙈) Regardless, I don’t go into spoiler-specific territory, so you should be safe there. 🙂 (I mean, I haven’t re-read it myself in a long time – but I feel confident in saying I got way more specific in my last post than in the one about Deano, if that helps.)

      And I’m sure you’re joking, but just in case – you are not shallow at all. You’re fun! 😊

      Awww…Thank you for the virtual get-well flowers! 💖🥰 (As you can probably tell by my screen-time today, I am getting back to myself. 💁🏻‍♀️☀️ I hope you are, too! 💕)

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    4. Right. That settles it. This afternoon, I shall make myself a large cup of coffee, hunt down a sneaky biscuit and settle down with your Deano reflections 😊 Knowing me, I shall then feel compelled to watch ‘Rio Bravo’ for the 3000th time and THEN I will knuckle down and get serious about tracking down more Deano movies to watch 😁🍿 Time spent with your writing is always time well spent, so I am more than looking forward to it.

      🙌💗 Titanic-era Leo! All day long baby!! Such a cutie. I saw the film 3 times at the cinema, but I still regret not going weekly until the run ended 😂

      Great to hear you are on the mend ❤️‍🩹😊! xox

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    5. Awww…Thanks. 🥰 I’m excited to know what you think. 😊

      I saw Titanic three times in the theater, too!!! 😃 And sobbed like a baby each time. It was wonderful torture. ☺️ (Then I got my hands on the VHS tape set so I could relive the torture at home. 😉)

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    6. 😆 I hadn’t until just now. 😆 That was so bizarrely funny! 😆 Thanks for the suggestion!

      My favorite part was their spinny dancing…He’s just so happy, and that cat is so freaked! 😆 It’s tough to get a big reaction out of me, but that had me LOLing. Then I watched it again – and laughed because I knew it was coming! 😆

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  4. Excellent post, Jillian! So much goodness packed in with your wonderful writing to lead the way.

    1. So glad to find another fan of Anchors Aweigh, I grew up watching that film, so it holds a special place in my heart. While my heart belongs to Joe, (Gene Kelly) I appreciate Frank’s dancing, acting (I love when he’s playing bashful), singing, and his wonderful chemistry with Kelly. The two of them make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve witnessed their antics 😉 “Because I don’t know what Iturbi told me on the phone…”

    Have you seen Take Me Out to the Ballgame (1949)? It’s another “shy Sinatra” movie with great dancing by Sinatra and Kelly.

    2. Ziegeld Girl is a fun one, and you’re right, Lana and Jimmy are sizzlin’! ❤ Definitely a big highlight of this movie for me 😉 Regarding the fuzzy little ducks, Lana’s daughter wrote in her book that the fuzzy little ducks became a kind of code in the Turner family. Whenever there were squabbles, all they had to do was present a yellow duck toy or allude to a duck in some way and all was forgiven. Isn’t that the cutest?

    3. I still have to see Bells are Ringing. For some reason, I keep getting interrupted when sitting down to watch it (twice!) and then never end up finishing it. Crazy!

    4. I must see Caught! From your loving description of the characters it sounds great!

    5. Enjoyed your writing on Heaven Can Wait. This one is new to me although I have seen the 1943 version with Don Ameche and Gene Tierney. I’m assuming it’s a similar storyline but not sure. I will have to check it out!

    Thanks for the fun read…Hope you’re having a great start to the week, Jillian! 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry it’s taken me a little time to reply (migraine – bleh!), but have I got an update for you! 😀

      First, thank you so much! ❤ I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks again for tagging me!

      Second, my response to your response 🙂…

      1. YES, I’ve seen Take Me Out to the Ballgame (once) and On the Town (a few times), but totally forgot about both of them until just now. 😮 (I guess it’s because Anchors Aweigh is definitely my favorite of the three…It always makes me laugh, too. 🙂 In fact, I started working my way through it again after posting, and found myself thinking, “How could I forget to mention that line? And THAT one? And THAT ONE?” So many gems that never get old!) Frank’s basically the same character in all three! No wonder I thought he must be that way in real life. 🙂 (That bashful type really worked for him, and he knew how to work it!)

      *”Ballgame” also features Esther Williams, so I’m sure it’s one of your favorites.* ❤

      2. Awww…What a precious story that adds so much to that scene! 😀 Maybe “ducks” came to be a reminder for her of what’s really important. ❤ I’ll think of that every time I watch now.

      3. Confession: As a whole, Bells Are Ringing is not one of my favorites. I think it’s a little too zany and runs a little too long, and if Dean’s not on screen, it generally doesn’t hold my interest too well. There are a few Dean-less scenes I find enjoyable (one of which is Ella’s disastrous blind date – because the sweet guy she’s set up with is played by Judy Holliday’s real-life boyfriend!), but there are whole chunks I simply don’t care about. It took me a few tries to get through it, too. I kept falling asleep – and I NEVER do that! At the time, I thought it was because I was sick, but now I think the movie itself may be a bit much. That said, it’s a paradox, because Dean’s scenes (and Dean & Judy together) are magical and 100% worth it. I do recommend watching it all the way through once (maybe in pieces?), but after that, it’s an easy one for skipping to the parts you like best. (Confession #2: That’s what I do.) 🙂

      4. Caught is on YouTube in perfect condition. You’re welcome. 😉 (It’s also linked in the post, if that helps. I wasn’t sure how obvious I should be about it.)

      5. As I understand it, this is a different story than the 1943 film, even though they share the same name. Instead, it’s actually a (faithful yet modernized) remake of 1941’s Here Comes Mr. Jordan. (PS – It’s on Hulu right now and in a YouTube playlist that’s also linked in the post. 🙂)

      Last but not least, over the past month or so, I believe I have watched and listened to everything you’ve recommended to me directly or that’s sparked my interest through your posts! 😀…

      • The John Williams Tribute video: I only watched the beginning, but it’s nice to have confirmation that it’s definitely him playing the theme in The Apartment! I will think of him every time I hear that gorgeous music now. 🙂

      • The full Apartment soundtrack: Speaking of gorgeous music, that album is wonderful! *sigh*… ❤ When I recommended the theme to you, I didn’t know you were an accomplished pianist. I bet it’s right up your alley! Also, the track that sounds EXACTLY like the children’s song “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” is a little bizarre. LOL. I’ve never heard it in the movie AT ALL, but I’m going to listen extra close next time! 😀

      • A Twist of Lemmon: You know, I thought I’d enjoy his singing more than his playing (as I generally find songs with vocals more interesting), but surprisingly, his instrumental pieces were my favorite (particularly With All My Love – which, now that I think about it, is very Apartment-ish). Also, he certainly brought the live-wire energy he was known for in his films to his music, didn’t he? 🙂

      • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir: TCM aired it recently, and I caught it before it expired…And I was most impressed with the music. 😀 I LOVE how it matched the environment perfectly. There were times where it sounded like crashing waves, and even seagulls!

      • That Hamilton Woman: I found it on YouTube, divided into three parts – and strangely, the latter half of each part was out-of-sync. :/ It wasn’t a total dealbreaker if I didn’t look at it, but that did compromise my viewing experience. 😦 (Also, either the editing is terribly choppy at the end or little pieces were missing from my video, which is a bummer.) But I still liked it, and it inspired me to research the real Lady Hamilton. What a fantastic, fascinating, SAD story that could still happen today! The world really hasn’t changed that much. I found the film hard to follow until I read about the true story, then I appreciated all the history it incorporated – especially the recreation of some of the paintings in which she was featured! As for Vivien and Laurence, she was perfectly cast, and I LOVE how easily he would chuckle at her. I’m not sure if it was a character choice (Nelson was such a reserved guy that just a little laugh was a big deal, but she loosened him up to the point he could do that), or if Laurence the man was so easily taken by Vivien. ❤

      *Oh! Despite the video’s flaws, the “Now I’ve kissed you through two centuries” moment was intact and in sync, so I got to thoroughly enjoy the part I wanted to see most. (I didn’t expect it, and it made me catch my breath!)* ❤

      I do believe that’s it. 🙂 I hope you have a fun weekend!

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    2. Wow, what an update! This is great, Jillian! 🙂

      Anchors Aweigh is definitely my favorite of the Sinatra/Kelly films as well, even though Ballgame has Esther Williams 😉 Anchors is just so much fun and cinematically gorgeous, isn’t it? ❤

      Yes, I think you’re right about Bells Are Ringing…I will attempt it again, this time in pieces and see if that does the trick 😉 I’ve been in a Judy Holliday mood lately so that should help me through as well!

      Ooh, I’m going to listen to With All My Love again and listen for the Apartment connection…

      Yay! So glad you caught up with Mrs. Muir and Capt. Gregg and that you enjoyed the music! Yes, love your observation – such an (appropriately) haunting and almost impressionistic score ❤

      I actually imagine Vivien and Laurence being pretty close to their onscreen counterparts in That Hamilton Woman, where just like you said, Vivien loosened him up with her charm and wit 😉 I own several books on them, and though I haven’t read them all, that’s the impression I get.

      PS. Aren’t those paintings fabulous? And that New Year’s scene beyond swoonworthy? LOVE it! ❤

      Thanks Jillian! Hope you’ve had a great weekend as well 🙂

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    3. With All My Love just has that dreamy sound that makes me sigh the same way The Apartment’s music does. ❤ I think it could be plucked into the movie and fit right in. 🙂

      Awww…I got the same impression about Vivien & Laurence and wondered if I could be right. 🙂 That confirmation from you makes the movie (and their real-life relationship) even more romantic and poignant. ❤ Add those paintings and that New Year’s scene to the mix, and it’s all just…ahhh! ❤ 😉 Both stories are gray, tricky, sad situations where you feel sorry for everybody – yet you can’t deny something special’s going on.

      I’m excited to know what you think of Bells Are Ringing once you’ve pieced your way through it! 🙂

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  5. Aaaahhh…..sigh….what an absolutely delightful post. I still have a dreamy smile on my face. How absolutely wonderful…
    I’ve only seen James Mason in The Last of Sheila and wow…that dance gif of yours…well, I just have to see Dr. Larry Quinada. So handsome. Caught has just gone onto my To Watch list.
    As for Gil Young…oh boy…that kiss…swoon.
    Thanks so much for joining our tag…I’m off to read your post once more…then to update my To Watch list again…
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

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    1. Awww…I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I loved your comment just as much. ❤ Thanks for creating such a fun tag!

      Caught is on YouTube, in perfect condition. You’re welcome. 😉 (The video is linked in the post, if that helps. I wasn’t sure how obvious I should be about it.) If you happen to watch it (or any of the other films on my list), I’d love to know what you think!

      Oooo…I’ve seen The Last of Sheila, too. I think that final “showdown” will always stay with me. Never before have hand-puppets been so terrifying. 😉

      When I got tagged, I scanned your post very quickly (just to get an idea of how mine should be done). I’ve meant to go back and read it in more detail. I’ll hop over and do that now. 🙂 I’m excited! 😀

      I hope you have a fun weekend! 🙂 – Jillian

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  6. Yikes! I feel so bad that I haven’t responded to this before now. 😦 Thanks so much for the tag! I mayyyy or may not participate, but I really appreciate that you thought of me. It truly means a lot. ❤

    Unfortunately, I don't know any of the guys on your list…EXCEPT Larry/James Mason. Thank you again for introducing me to 'Caught'. Larry is seriously such an awesome character. ❤ Definitely, definitely worthy of being on this list. So sweet and protective and gentlemanly.

    Even if I don't fill out this tag, it *will* be fun to think of who I'd include…

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    1. No problem at all! 🙂 I haven’t popped over to visit you in what seems like the longest time, so I feel like I’ve dropped the ball there. Maybe we both need to cut ourselves some slack. 😉

      Speaking of, please don’t feel any pressure to participate in the tag. I mainly just wanted to give you a shoutout 🙂 – especially since we were chatting about a version of this very topic not that long ago. You really did start my brain down this path. 😉 But you’re right, it certainly is fun! ❤

      You’re most welcome. 😀 I tend to go for sweet guys in good stories, so maybe you’ll enjoy the other films as much as Caught (if any of them spark your interest) and the other guys as much as Larry. 🙂

      PS – Are you familiar with Lee, of the blog Totalleemac? (She’s new to blogging, and typically writes about movies, books, and crochet. And she has a YouTube channel.) She recently watched Caught and is a Larry-lover now, too! 🙂 We were just chatting about it, as a matter of fact. The three of us should form a club! 😉


    2. Yes, I think that would be a good idea. 😉 There’s absolutely no pressure from my end for you to read/comment on all my posts either! And I’m so glad I inspired you to write this post. Writing about favorite fictional guys is sooooo much fun.

      I probably would like some of those other guys a lot if/when I watch those films! You have good taste. 😉 And speaking of that, I was just wondering the other day if you’d seen The Sons of Katie Elder. It’s been ages since I last watched it, but it’s a serious film and Dean Martin plays one of the ‘sons’, so I thought you might like to check it out! I’m actually planning to rewatch it soon, so I could give you more details about Dean’s role then…

      No, I hadn’t heard of Lee! But I just went and followed her. That’s awesome!!

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    3. Awww…Thank you so much for the compliment! ❤ You have good taste, too! 🙂 I’ve given it a little more thought, and of the other films on my list, you might enjoy Heaven Can Wait the most. It features (older) James Mason, who is perfectly cast and brings his quintessential James Mason-ness with a “season old pro” flair, so I’m sure you’d love that. Plus, I don’t know much about Warren Beatty as an actor or a person, but his character, Joe Pendleton, is my #1 guy. As you read, I can’t say enough good things about him (or about the movie itself). ❤ So, of the other four, it’s definitely my top recommendation for you. 🙂 No pressure to watch, of course. But if it sparks your interest, you can find it on YouTube. It’s in a playlist (so, chopped up in little pieces), but it’s in perfect condition and plays straight through with no ads. The only minor issue is that the screen goes black for a split second between videos, and if I’m really into the movie, it startles me! 😀 (It’s also linked in the post, if that helps. I wasn’t sure how obvious I should be about it.)

      I tried The Sons of Katie Elder once, but I think it may have been the wrong time. I was into my Dean deep dive, and there were so many titles I was excited to get to. I watched it for a bit, and all that happened so far was different people telling the sons how much they disappointed their mother – over and OVER again. Since there was so much else I wanted to see, I let it go. But I think it’s worth another chance, since I’ve finished my deep dive. Plus, by now, I think Dean has helped me develop more patience for the ambling pace of most Westerns. 🙂 (I like Martha Hyer, too. So that’s even more of a reason to go back.) It was on Prime Video, but I’m not sure if it still is. How do you access it?

      I chatted with Lee recently, and introduced you to her as well in the same way – using the phrase “Larry-lover” and joking that we should start a club. And she was like, “The Larry Lovers – yes! We need T-shirts immediately!” 😉 She’s a fun follow.

      Also, are you on Twitter? I finally jumped on board to hopefully get a little more exposure and connect with other bloggers, but I’m still new. I looked, and didn’t see a profile that might be you. 🙂


    4. Oooh, thanks so much for the recommendation! (Of Heaven Can Wait.) I look forward to watching it at some point. (Sooo many movies to watch lol!)

      Definitely understand why you didn’t continue with Sons of Katie Elder. Like I said, it’s been a long time since I last saw it (and that was also the first time I saw it). Maybe we can both check it out again and compare notes. =)

      Everyone would be thoroughly confused by those t-shirts. XD Heehee!!

      Nope, I’m not on Twitter! I feel like I already almost have too much on my plate with Instagram–social media just eats up so much of my time (something that’s partly my fault :P). Is the classic film blog community really active on there?

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    5. It seems to be. 🙂 I joined mid-February because Gill (of Realweegiemidget Reviews) started a post-sharing thing (on Twitter and Facebook). She calls it #ShamelessPlugSunday. You can share new or old posts without the judgmental stigma of being “self-promotion”-ish. 🙂

      If it wasn’t for that, I probably wouldn’t have ventured to Twitter, as I really backed off social media in general after starting my blog, and I’m still trying to find a good balance. Now, I’ve broken myself from scrolling (which I think has helped with anxiety/overwhelm), but that’s created an issue of HOW (and WHEN) do I engage? I feel a little guilty when I do post something and people like or comment, yet I haven’t done the same with them. I like the idea of making time to intentionally visit profiles (rather than scroll), but I haven’t come up with a good routine for actually DOING that 🙂 (especially across so many platforms). Plus, you miss a lot if you don’t scroll. I may be less overwhelmed (in a way), but I’m out of the loop. 😉

      Anyway, Gill’s sharing setup is great, and I have gotten some post engagement that way within those groups – though I don’t think any likes or comments on the pieces themselves, and only one new subscriber so far. I’ve noticed that engagement tends to stay within a community. I don’t have many subscribers/followers on WordPress yet, but most of the ones I have came over because I read and commented on something of theirs through WordPress itself. On the plus side, that feels like a very intentional connection to me (and I like that), but on the flip side, it takes TIME (including time away from writing) and is SLOW going.

      Still, while I haven’t experienced much crossover from Twitter (yet), I got 30 followers there fairly quickly (without doing much), and it does seem to be an active community. There seems to be a large, established group of people connected to the hashtag #TCMParty that I’ve just barely begun to tap into. Most of the bloggers I follow here have Twitter profiles as well, with LOTS of followers. And even though I don’t have that many followers (here or on Twitter, yet) and I don’t have a process for scrolling, I feel like I’ve gotten to know those bloggers and followers better, in a way (as much as you can with people you don’t actually know in real life). Plus, if you want to just have fun interacting with people about classic movies (unrelated to your blog), it does seem to be a good, active place for that, too. 🙂 And I have made some interesting connections on Twitter that I don’t think I would have otherwise, like with a professional film critic from It probably won’t lead to anything, but we follow each other on Twitter now, and I don’t think there’s any other way we would’ve ever been on each other’s radar.

      That’s a very long answer to a simple question, but I’d never talked this out with anyone before. 🙂

      (*Another thing that has gotten me LOTS of views on certain posts is sharing on Pinterest. I have basically no followers there, and no carry over as of yet in terms of subscribers – or even likes or comments. But goodness gracious, the views!*)

      At this point, I use Instagram to connect with the few people in my real life who don’t do Facebook (which I use for friend and family updates, plus Gill’s sharing group) and largely as a celebrity news source. 😉 I’ll give you a follow. 🙂 Is the classic film community active there? Has it led to more engagement with your blog?


    6. I don’t mind the long response! It’s interesting to get your thoughts on Classic Movie Blog Twitter. And I think that’s a good idea of visiting specific profiles instead of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling–as long as you can figure out a routine. 😉 The connections you’ve already made sound really cool! And I know that will only continue to grow as you keep interacting with the community. I’m almost tempted to join myself…but I’m honestly so busy right now that I feel overwhelmed just thinking of adding Twitter to my daily routine. Maybe someday!

      Ooooh–Pinterest is a great idea! I should give it a try. I do like creating graphics in Canva, so I could do one for each blog post. Hmmm…

      I haven’t really seen any kind of classic film community on Instagram (maybe because I’m not following the right people–or maybe there just isn’t one). I do often post a link to blog posts in my stories, when I publish a new post, but I can’t usually tell if it helps with engagement. (I have way more blog followers than IG followers anyway.) Honestly, I don’t think about numbers most of the time–I just write about what I love, and people can choose to follow or comment or not. XD Your blog posts are SO well-written and thoughtful…I’m sure that your blog will grow, given time (I know how hard waiting can be though…ugggh).

      Liked by 1 person

    7. Oh, that’s another reason I went into so much detail, too – so you can use what I’ve experienced so far to help you decide if right now is a good time for Twitter. 🙂

      My approach to Pinterest is super simple. I was already on there anyway – saving pictures of classic movie stars I like – and now I just save each of the images I use in a post to my “Classic Film Connection” board, straight from the post itself (so that it’s linked to each one). 🙂 My Dean post gets hits almost every day from that. I know he’s got quite a fandom, and I guess a lot of people like saving pictures of him – which I totally understand. 😉 But aside from my Wonderful Life post, which has also done pretty well there, the rest have either never been touched or only get looked at occasionally. Go figure. 🙂 But since you enjoy creating original content, that’s even cooler! 😀 I’ve never heard of Canva before. What do you do there?

      Now you’ve got me thinking about Instagram! 😉 I have one classic film friend on there. (I briefly tried Tumblr before WordPress – which I DON’T recommend – and she carried over from there.) She seems to do quite well, so there may be a community there, too…I could probably do something similar to Pinterest – share images used in my posts, only spread them out one at a time. But I’m like you with Twitter – do I really WANT to add that on right now? 🙂 Still, you’ve inspired me with a potentially interesting idea that is worth looking into further at some point. 🙂 *Can you have two Instagram accounts? I don’t think I want to convert my personal one into a classic film one.*

      You know, when I started this, it was just a fun idea – a way to share thoughts I have about something I love with people who might be interested in reading them. I originally viewed it as something like Facebook. But I’ve gotten SO into writing, and put so much time into it, and have such a big imagination (in which I exaggerate everything) – it hasn’t taken me long to start caring about how WELL the blog is doing, as if that makes this interest of mine more valid. But since the new year, God has placed the idea in front of me again and again that the quality of our connections with people is one of the most important things in life – not the number of them (which is another reason I’m trying to be intentional when it comes to social media). And I feel like I’ve made some high-quality, deep, worthwhile connections here so far – with you definitely being one! ❤ You’re a kindred spirit, your posts are so fun, you’ve introduced me to films that wouldn’t have been on my radar otherwise, and you’re such an encouragement to me (not to mention, you gave me my Dean postcard!). That’s something special right there. ❤


    8. Well, thank you for that detailed look at Twitter! I appreciate you taking the time to tell me all that.

      Canva is a website where you can create all kinds of beautiful graphics (and edit photos). It’s really easy to work with and the stuff you can make on there looks professional and generally awesome. Highly recommended if you ever need to make blog buttons for an event or blog post graphics or anything like that!

      It’s completely valid that you care about how well your blog is doing–you put a lot of work into your blog posts, so that only makes sense. ❤ I'm glad that we've met through blogging! It is pretty true–quality over quantity. But maybe…you can have both too? 😉 Whatever happens, I look forward to more posts from you!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. What a great list! My favorite of your favorites is Gil! That role is my favorites of Jimmy Stewart’s! I also really like Clarence! How sweet that he was your first crush! I greatly enjoyed reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! ❤ I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

      You know, Jimmy Stewart had so many great roles, but I do believe Gil is my all-time favorite as well. 🙂

      Thank you for the follow, too. ❤ I look forward to connecting with you more through our blogs! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Awwwwww 🥰 GREAT writing and GREAT selections! I’ve got some movie 🎥 watching to do. I agree with Joe Pendleton is the absolute sweetest and those eyes 👀
    Hey, you used my line……”He Loves Her Sooooo Much” (me = sniffing & you = eye roll 🙄 huh Mom) lol
    Loves You 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! 😊 Did you get a chance to watch Heaven Can Wait before it expired?

      I think of that line quite often. ☺️ It really is the perfect way to describe a deep, devoted kind of love. And sometimes, it’s all there is to say. 🥰

      PS – Anchors Aweigh, Bells are Ringing, and Ziegfeld Girl (he loves her so much! ❤️☺️) are in the DVR. Now you know why. 🥰 Caught and Heaven Can Wait are on YouTube. Let me know when you’re in the mood to watch one, and I will hook you up. 😉😁

      Loves you, too! 😘


    1. Sure! 🙂 No pressure, of course. I really just wanted to give you and your blog a shoutout. ❤ But if it strikes your fancy as something that would be fun to do, then I look forward to reading it whenever you’re ready to share it. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Hi Jillian! I’m popping by to say that I’ve just finished Caught! 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get my hands on Bells Are Ringing, but it’s still on the list. I really enjoyed Caught. I thought it was excellent! I was screaming internally when Lee first met Smith because I could see the handwriting on the wall. I loved all three leads in their roles and Larry – what more can be said, you’ve summed him up perfectly in your post – what a wonderful guy. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! ❤ Now you know why I got such a kick out of Barbara Bel Geddes in Vertigo. I’d only ever seen her in Caught, and it was a real trip to here her unique line delivery again. I remember at one point in Vertigo, she says something like, “You might take me to a MOOvie”, and I thought, “It’s Leonora with glasses!” 😀 She had a signature – and apparently natural – way of speaking that was all her own.

      Also, now you can join the Larry Lovers Club! ❤ Eva-Joy and Lee Mac also watched Caught at my recommendation, and we all agree that we love Larry – so I introduced them to each other, since we have that connection. Lee dubbed us the Larry Lovers and says we need t-shirts. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I had just seen her in I Remember Mama, which I watched for Mothers Day, which is totally different in tone and role for Barbara, and it was released only a year before Caught. It proves how versatile she was! She plays a young girl who matures into adulthood in IRM.

      Haha! 🙂 I’m glad you mentioned Larry’s “Oops” because it’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment. So very endearing ❤

      Liked by 2 people

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